I Wish…

I wish I could stop thinking,
Just stop thinking for a day;
Thinking about what I do
And everything I say;
Thinking about what I think
That others think of me
Stop thinking altogether;
And finally be free.

I wish I could stop feeling,
Just stop feeling for a day;
Feeling pain from what they do
And things I hear them say;
Feeling things I fear to feel,
Like what they think of me;
Stop feeling altogether
And finally be free.


She’s Back

She’s back.
She’s here to try and knock me off my track;
She’s nervous now, she thinks I might be close to solid ground
No longer watching life slip through fingers like tiny grains of sand.
I want her gone.
She makes it hard for me to carry on;
She’s clever, knows it won’t take much to knock me down
And back to watching tiny grains of sand slip through fragile fingers.