About Us


Life has changed since I first wrote ‘About Me’as an introduction to my blog.  Freya Ellis Belle McBride was born on the 10th April 2015.  On the 31st May, she became ill and was diagnosed 13 days later with a rare auto-immune condition called Kawasaki’s Disease, resulting in some permanent damage to her heart.  I wanted to share our journey with Freya since her diagnosis, and was going to start a new blog altogether.  But then I realised, Freya’s Story did not begin when she became ill.  Her story began on the 19th July 2014; the night she was conceived.

So bluemama has evolved.  The first chapter followed my pregnancy and all the emotional turmoil I went through upon discovering I was to have another child.  Now ‘Freya’s Story’ is my opportunity to share our journey as well as raising awareness of this terrible disease.  I hope one day we can report that Freya is well, and start a new chapter celebrating her life.

You can also follow her story on Facebook at www.facebook.com/freyasstory

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