Weekend Pot Luck

So, I haven’t got around to completing Day 5 with one thing and another, but I can at least share some of my love of poetry.

I usually have my head firmly in an old book, and have so many favourites, but metaphysical poetry has always been top of my list. John Donne can be a bit heavy going, but I have always loved Twicknam Garden and can still recite it despite not having read it for years.

I love the opening lines and how very woeful and dramatic they are in setting the scene for the rest of the poem:

Blasted with sighs, and surrounded with teares

Whenever I’m feeling melancholy those lines pop into my head.

Writing 201: Poetry Day 4

Today’s challenge: concrete poem, enjambement, animal.

If I had the time my plan was to write this using the image/shape of an ant. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my story or the content of my blog, ‘Ant’ is my unwanted BFF automatic negative thoughts. She’s an old friend that I don’t really want in my life, but who seems intent on sticking around.

Apologies for not meeting the ‘concrete’ brief, but if you knew the night I’d had I think you’d let me off, just this once.


Almost invisible to the human eye, but ever there. Ever busy. Annoying little ANT.
You think I can’t see you, but I’m not stupid. My thoughts of you are lucid as the words I speak.
You think me too weak to deal with your ever-present shadow.
What I do know is that you can’t beat me, even now. Not when I frown, not when I’m down.
Try as you might to spite me, I’m fighting. Busy, annoying, little ANT.

Writing 201: Poetry Day 3

Today’s brief:-
Acrostic / internal rhyme / trust

First attempt, again just let the words come out with no editing. I’m still in bed (best get up for work!).

For context, you could read my post entitled ‘One Girl, One Day’

Here is today’s offering:

School Bully

Believe me when I tell you I can smell you even now,
Underneath the trees I went to, searching for acceptance.
Lying there in wait, filled with hate you pounced;
Laughing in my face with every punch, as leaves crunched under my feet.
You will never know how hard it is for me to trust since that day

Writing 201: Poetry Day 2

So the brief today is journey/limerick/alliteration.

In the interests of not straying too far from the core subject of my blog, I’ve decided where possible to weave my personal journey into whatever poetry assignment is thrown my way! This pregnancy has indeed been a journey, so I’m attempting to capture the last 8 months in a series of limericks. Here’s a taster so far…

I thought I was done with my brood,
Then I noticed a change in my mood;
One day I felt sick
So I peed on a stick –
It was month one, oh hell I was screwed!!

Ok, so I didn’t quite manage any alliteration, and in isolation it isn’t a journey, but both will be covered when I’ve finished 😜

Update: I had a bash at completing the journey, so below is the ‘finished article’. I don’t like to play around too much with my poetry – I like to just get the words out of my head and leave it pure. As a result, I haven’t managed to meet the alliteration brief, which it might have done had I edited my work.

It is therefore a particularly immature piece of work, but I kind of like how the standard limerick form has allowed me to produce a trivialised version of my pregnancy journey, which has been far from jovial at times.

Bluemama’s Journey

I thought I was done with my brood
Then I noticed a change in my mood
One day I felt sick
So I peed on a stick
It was month one, oh hell I was screwed!!

By month two I was still in shock;
I thought I had switched off that clock!
But my body had plans,
So I went for some scans,
And confirmed there’s one more for the flock.

Month three I still felt no better.
I had wanted to be a jet-setter.
My big plans for travel
Had begun to unravel
As I looked forward to just getting fatter.

Month four it began to sink in;
Still not ‘happy’ but more settled within.
And though it still wasn’t great,
I accepted my fate
And accepted my baby therein.

Month five came and went without drama.
I stopped believing this was some kind of karma.
No point in complaining,
This baby is staying,
And I was feeling much calmer.

Month six it became more exciting!
I looked at the bright side, stopped fighting.
Though emotions ran high,
I would no longer cry
At the thought of a life without sleeping.

Month seven and my girl is moving,
Constantly wriggling and growing.
I can picture her face,
As she moves in my space –
She’s a thing I can see myself loving.

Month eight and I’m writing a rhyme
About the run up to month nine!
From terror and tears,
All the sadness and fears,
To now, waiting ’til she’s all mine.

Feedback is a gift, so please let me know what you think!

Writing 201: Poetry Day 1

Your love, like rivers
Moving fast toward the sea,
Slips through my fingers.

The challenge today was to write a Haiku, subject ‘water’, to include a simile. We could have gone off piste with this, however I want to use the experience to see if I can write to order as prescribed. Above is my offering.

Got a bit of a haiku bug, so thought I’d add new ones as they pop into my head. Scan day tomorrow to learn my possible labour fate 😱

I am drowning here;
So scared about tomorrow.
Lost in waves of fear.