Shake It Off


I couldn’t be happier with my new life as a mum again, spending time at home with my perfect little family, no longer caught up in the rat race. Small things like being able to do a load of washing and get it dried and ironed in the same day are amazingly satisfying! I can truly appreciate how hard I worked at my full time job as well as trying to keep a home, now that I am able to reflect.  I am really looking forward to the months ahead, and plan to enjoy every moment of my maternity leave. So far my lovely new daughter is making it easy for me to enjoy some time to rest.  She really is a dream at the moment, and is making it easy for me to look forward to the year ahead. 

I have been overwhelmed by the cards and gifts, and kind words of so many people who have welcomed my dear daughter into the world. It gives me great pleasure to share moments with my friends and social media because the comments that people make add to the pride I feel at having created such a beautiful little human being.  I shouldn’t really be surprised – my other two children are beautiful too!

Unfortunately there are a couple of people in my life who have disappointed me at a time when I would have hoped for more. I’ve allowed that to tinge my otherwise happy day with a hint of sadness. In the words of Taylor Swift, I am really trying to shake it off, and I will I’m sure. I guess something as amazing as the birth of a beautiful baby in the family isn’t enough to incite even a tiny glimpse of decency, humility or consideration from some people. That says a lot more about them than anything. I really don’t know why I allow myself to be disappointed by people who do not give any reason to expect anything of a positive nature from them. 

Shake it off, shake it off!


One thought on “Shake It Off

  1. You lucky thing you. Three beautiful children.
    And unfortunately bringing a new life into the world really isn’t enough to trigger any movement from some people including some so called friends and family. This is when you start to really learn that all that matters is your immediate family unit and everyone on the periphery are just an added bonus to your life if they are wonderful enough to make you matter to them. So, that makes me an added bonus šŸ˜‰ xxx

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