No time for blogging!

My beautiful baby girl is 10 days old today. I am afraid to say that the last 10 days have been an absolute dream! She is such a good baby (so far – I am not resting on my laurels; any parent knows that babies can be unpredictable!), waking only to feed every 3-4 hours. In fact she’s positively boring, lol!! I find myself sitting just staring at her perfect little face. I may as well cancel Sky TV as I just don’t seem to watch it anymore. I guess those quiet moments are when I could be posting on here, but the hours just seem to whizz by. 

I’ve spent the last 10 days with this baby very differently to the first two. With my first babies I felt like I should be up on my feet as soon as possible, proving to the world that I could be superwoman. I didn’t ask for help, or gratefully accept it when offered. I went out too soon, accepted visitors when I wasn’t physically or emotionally ready. I operated according to what everyone else seemed to want or think I should be doing.

This time is different. Perhaps because I am wiser. Perhaps because I am mentally stronger. Or perhaps because I am a lot older now and just can’t function like I used to! At any rate, this time it is on my terms and I feel great as a result.  Not putting yourself under pressure as a new mum is fundamental to your physical and mental wellbeing. Apart from one visit to a local baby store (which I later regretted due to the onslaught of after pains and return of post-natal bleeding), I have remained at home with my baby. I’ve got up every morning and showered, put a bit of make up on and blow dried my hair so I look and feel like me. I’ve turned visitors down if I’ve felt I needed to rest. I’ve watched movies whilst my baby is sleeping, to thoroughly relax and enjoy the break from work. I’ve even managed to nod off on the sofa a few times (I could never manage that with the first two).  The housework is getting done (what needs to be done) but I am not concerned about dusting and hoovering every day! The washing and ironing gets done (sometimes with help from the ironing fairy, aka my mother in law!). 

I am breastfeeding on demand, which can feel like a chore sometimes, particularly as you can’t hand the feeding over to somebody else. There have been days when it has felt like my dear daughter has been permanently attached to my breast, and I have to work hard to change the thought from “for f**k sake, not again!” to “Oh, we are a hungry baby today aren’t we!” It’s not that effective, but I’ll keep trying to convince myself. But anyway, when I look at her little face all the frustration goes away. She is beautiful and I am smitten. 

I will continue to blog, and share my experiences of being a new mum again. I have always said I will be candid and share real life on here and my intention was to help others see that they are not alone when darkness falls. However right now, I’m afraid I can only share a positive story that may well irritate those new mums who aren’t having as great a time as me. I am incredibly lucky to have been blessed with a (thus far) easy baby. There will be bumps in the road, but just now I cannot complain. For now I will count my blessings and enjoy this time with my beautiful girl. I believe she was sent here to teach me a few things about life. One of the first lessons I have learned is to embrace the gifts we are given and to dare to dream that sometimes good things do actually happen. 

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