Reasons to be Thankful

Days like today are days to be thankful and take a minute to realise just how lucky I am. This weekend, 2 of my best friends decided to treat me to a surprise ahead of my 40th birthday which is looming in a couple of weeks. Knowing that my 40th isn’t going to be quite the celebration I planned what with the impending birth and all, they booked us into a nearby hotel for a weekend to relax and unwind.

We arrived just after lunch, and after checking into our room (which was amazing!) I took myself off to the bathroom to cry a little (a lot). I was so taken aback that they had gone to all this trouble for me! Little old me. For once I was rendered speechless. I’m usually the one doing this kind of stuff for other people – I wasn’t really sure how to deal with having stuff ‘done’ to me! The shower was filled with balloons, and on the bathroom amongst all the 40th Birthday confetti was a collection of Mum to Be smellies and candles.

We unpacked and went down to the hotel restaurant where they had organised afternoon tea (knowing I have a penchant for cake, and let’s face it – food is one of the few joys left in the pregnant world!). It was delicious and I treated myself to a celebratory glass of prosecco (one won’t hurt!). Then off we went upstairs to the spa, where they had booked me in for a manicure and pedicure – Lord, did my feet need that! Extra weight and flat shoes had created something that resembled a craggy rock formation on my heels!

After an hour of pampering, we went back up to our room where I got into my pyjamas and we chilled for a good couple of hours with a cuppa, putting the world to rights with idle chatter. Quick change and freshen up, and we were back in the restaurant for a 3-course meal (yep, more food!) before retiring to the bar for more chilled chat. Although it was a late night by my recent standards, I felt more awake than I have in a long time. Could be the iron supplements I’ve been taking to battle the anaemia, or just the result of feeling really truly relaxed for the first time in a long, long time. Back in our PJs we nattered some more, and the girls stuffed their faces with crisps and chocolate in their beds!! I couldn’t eat another thing – I felt stretched to the limit!!

I had a huge double bed all to myself! I arranged the massive pillows like a little cocoon around myself and had the best nights’ sleep I’ve had in ages. Whichever way I tossed or turned in the night, I found myself nestled in plump cushions and it was bliss.

Up and out after breakfast this morning, and I really didn’t want it to end. I could have stayed there forever! It wasn’t far from home, but we could have been anywhere. I’m not sure I really expressed how grateful I was to the girls for organising such a lovely treat. I was humbled by it to the point of not being able to find the words. I hope they know how thankful I am. They went to so much trouble to make it special that I don’t feel quite so ‘bah humbug’ about being pregnant for my 40th birthday. I truly am a lucky, lucky girl.

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