Noise noise noise!

I don’t know if I’m tired, or what, but my God have I been irritable tonight! Every sound has been like fingernails down a blackboard. I found myself wanting to gag my 5-year old son! He never shuts up! He’s a lovely, lovely boy, but jeez does he know how to talk. He doesn’t have an off switch and there just doesn’t seem to be a single moment when he isn’t making some noise or other. I was glad to get him into bed tonight, even though he continued to chatter to himself for at least an hour once he was there.

Lying on the sofa, my eldest was splashing about in the bath. Every move she made went through me like a knife. I had to call her to tell her to wrap it up because I couldn’t take any more of it! And then into the lounge she trundles with a cup of milk and a biscuit. The cup she chose was a chinky China mug that holds a similarly chinky spoon in the handle. A chinky spoon chinking against the chinky handle of the chinky mug that chinks on the chinky glass coaster every time she picks it up or puts it down. Are you feeling my pain?! Add to that the crunch, munch, crunch of what must have been the crunchiest biscuit in the tin. Oh, and just for good measure, why not chuck in a dry little cough here and there whilst wriggling about on the beaniest bean bag we have! Time for bed dear daughter!

Husband is relatively quiet, although he’s laid on the sofa next to his favourite lamp which for some reason doesn’t seem to ring in his ears!! After getting him to turn it off and on again a few times, he finally concedes that the lamp is indeed making an annoying ringing sound which rivals any tinnitus attack and turns it off for good. Unfortunately he seems to have caught that dry little cough from our daughter and that hacks out every now again. Oh, and he seems to have particularly itchy feet this evening so keeps rubbing his socked feet together to deal with that little issue.

Wow! Even writing it down I realise how completely nuts I am about noise! I don’t think I’m like it all the time, but I guess today I am a bit more tired than usual. At times like this I realise that I am quite highly strung at times. If my best friend was here we would have a little giggle as I say “I’m living on my nerves!” 😂. Every single noise has physically affected me like someone clawing at my skin and I’ve found it hard not to scream out at them to stop! Glad I got the chance to get it off my chest here though, lol! I do hope my noise hasn’t caused you too much pain 😉

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