Bad start

I have no idea why I feel different today. Nothing has changed, nothing has happened. And yet today I find myself low of mood and close to tears. I have a conference call in 20 minutes; I can’t be bothered. I have another call right after that; I can’t be bothered. I need to go to the chemist to pick up a prescription; I can’t be bothered.

I think I’m just worn out. Worn out by the stresses of work, worn out by the stresses put upon me by other people who seem to think it’s my job to fix them, worn out in general.

People will tell me it’s my hormones. They’ll tell me I’m doing too much, that I should slow down, not take so much on. They’ll tell me I’m unwell and perhaps I need to see my doctor or my midwife. None of them will think about whether it might actually be them that are causing some of this exhaustion!

Mentally exhausted from dealing with the insecurities of others. Did anyone notice that I have issues of my own to deal with whilst they were looking to me to repair theirs??

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