Getting Your Kicks

Well, this baby sure is an active one! I don’t remember feeling half as much movement with my other 2 children. This one is certainly a mover! I’m 26 weeks pregnant now, and I’ve stopped counting the kicks because I keep losing count!

I wake up every morning around 4am needing the toilet (one of the joys of pregnancy) and as soon as I get back into bed she starts wriggling. It’s like I’ve changed the space by emptying my bladder and she has to get comfy again! As I am trying to sleep on my side now (as per medical advice, and my new Dreamgenii maternity pillow) it can be really uncomfortable as she wriggles into a new place. Generally I get back to sleep pretty quickly and I think she does too.

Alarm goes off at around 7:30, but I don’t really need to set it as I am either awakened by my 5-yr old son jumping into bed with me, or by my little wriggler, only now it is real ‘good morning’ kicks in the belly!

Throughout the day I get all sorts of movement – wriggles, squirming, somersaulting, kicking, hiccups, you name it! Often its a lovely feeling; like she’s reminding me that she’s there. Sometimes she gives me such a whack it takes me by surprise and I actually cry out! Sometimes it’s a horrible squirming feeling that makes me feel quite nauseous.

I can conjure a kick just by lying down on the sofa. As soon as I get comfy she’s guaranteed to come to life! I like that part as I lay and watch the movement inside my belly, transfixed with fascination. My daughter loves to watch too, and will place her hand on my bowling ball belly to feel the kicks.

At bedtime you can guarantee this little night owl will decide it is time to party! Just as I get comfy she starts to wriggle – not the nice, reassuring sweet little bumps, but full on turning over squirming movements that make me wriggle too! I’m not sure who gives in first but I do eventually fall asleep, although it has been known to be hours after I have taken myself to bed.

I don’t think I was as conscious of the movement with either of my previous pregnancies. In fact I tried not to think about it as the whole experience made me feel a bit off colour. But this time it fascinates me. I could lay forever watching my swollen belly for the ripples. What is she doing in there? What is she thinking? Is she thinking at all? Is she as excited to meet with the outside world as we are to meet with her? I’m going to miss this feeling, but can’t wait to hold her in my arms 😊

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