This Year

It was Rome.
It was silence in the Sistine,
And prosecco in piazzas;
Four of the best of days with the very best of friends.

It was Spain.
It was children making memories
With the ones who love them most;
Grandparents and parents and splashy, happy times.

It was London.
It was first class first times;
A first child sees things anew,
Watching pop stars with my princess.

It was boys!
It was high tea in a high place,
And a giggly girl adventure.
The first time I heard my first girl scream for boys she’ll never meet.

It was Africa.
It was relaxing in the sunshine,
Splashing in the pool.
Best friends and best times drinking shocktails in the sun.

It was Paris.
It was magic Mickey and his friends,
Exhilarating rides and smiles from ear to ear;
Memories made in a magical land.

It was unexpected.
Where madness makes for moments that you never could have planned.
Serenity rocked by fear and darkness;
A beginning that felt like the end.

It was The Job.
Promotion I had prayed for, a chance to make my mark,
The moment that I learned my worth and started to believe,
Took a chance and dared to dream.

It was old friends.
Reunited with the girls school girls;
New friendships formed and old ghosts laid to rest.
A marker for a marked change for a future bright and clear.

It was a blog.
A log of every day feelings,
Of telling truths I never thought I’d tell;
Finding therapy in writing and an outlet to expel the troubles of each day.

It was peace.
When I realised that I do not need to make a list this year;
I’ve been a good girl, but I have everything I need right here,
My life is perfect just as it is.

This year was full of new experiences, foreign shores and magical memories.

This year was about letting go of the voice inside my head and truly believing in the beauty of life.

Next year is the start of a new outlook, new life, new friends and new adventures and I cannot wait for it to begin!

Thank you to all the special people that contributed to this most memorable of years ☺️

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