The Joys of Sleepless Nights

So it’s gone 1am now and I can’t sleep! I think this little madam is preparing me for the sleepless nights to come. Either that or she is going to be a dancer when she grows up! She has been wriggling constantly since I came to bed over 2 hours ago and I could cry! I’m so tired but just can’t sleep. It’s not the nice little kicks you get either – it’s full on squirmy wriggling that just feels so bloody uncomfortable! And she’s that low down it’s like she is tap-dancing on my cervix. Sooo uncomfortable.

I know I shouldn’t complain, and I should be grateful of the signs that she’s ok in there, but seriously! I just need to get some sleep. Add a snoring husband to the mix and I think you can get some idea of my pain. I really could just lean over and punch him in the nose, a) to shut the snoring up, and b) to show him my utter indignation at his ability to sleep!

Not being enough to have lost the luxury of my favourite sleep position (I usually sleep on my tummy) it’s now a battle to get into any position where I can be comfortable and ‘Peanut’ can be still.

Brainwave – been at an all day meeting today and drank a lot of tea and coffee! I wonder if the overload of caffeine (yes, I know you shouldn’t have too much, but it was all that was on offer) has got this little lady wired. Will try a caffeine free day tomorrow and see if she is a bit calmer at bedtime.

I’m 24 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Imagine what it’s going to be like when she is actually here, lol!

If anyone reading this has any tips for comfy sleep during pregnancy, please feel free to leave a comment 😊. Meanwhile, I’m off for a walk around to see if I can ‘rock’ this unborn wriggler to sleep 😴. Wish me luck x

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