Is it March yet?!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I know that I am a way off D-Day just yet, but really? Can it not just be March already?!

I am 29 weeks pregnant today, so practically a whole trimester to go, but I can think of a million and one things I’d like to be doing rather than working right now!

Getting Organised

With 2 kids and full time jobs, organising our home has been the last thing on mine and dear husband’s minds. Our hall, stairs and landing has needed decorating for more than 5 years and we’ve accumulated all manner of crap in our 20-or-so years together! Knowing that things are just going to get a whole lot busier, plus the fact that with a baby comes a vast amount of paraphernalia, I reckon now is a good time to get organised. Sort through the junk, give the good stuff to people who need it, finish the decorating, deal with the snags (broken lights, damaged skirting boards and the like). Make our house perfect for the arrival of our little princess. The thought of adding a 5th persons’ stuff to our home without addressing the storage and decorating issues we already have fills me with dread. Seriously! I could vomit!! My poor husband is tired of the orders, haha! But it means that everything will be done and organised, and our house will be a complete home for our complete family. It will be a calm and orderly place to offset the craziness that is about to ensue!

Project Nursery

All this sorting and organising allows us to get to the exciting bit – decorating the nursery. It’s practically empty now, and we can get started on preparing and decorating ready for the arrival of the new furniture. And of course there is some really important stuff to do. I’ve got paper butterflies to make to adorn the walls, birdcages to fill with flowers and pearls, chintzy cushion covers to make and all sorts!! So who wants to be writing a Compliance Report when you could be spending your time making things pretty and getting ready for the arrival of a new baby! But none of that pays the bills I guess!

I’m sat at home with my laptop on my knee, and the little cherub is booting me as if to say “Put the laptop down Mummy, go make my room pretty.” I don’t remember feeling this level of fascination over my first two moving inside me. This time I could literally sit staring at my belly all day long, each little kick or wriggle acting as a form of communication between her and me. Who knew I’d be here from where I was just a few months ago! Who could believe that I thought my life was over! It is really just beginning.

I suppose for now I just need to find the motivation to carry on with work, keep doing my best to deliver what I’ve promised, and keep counting down the weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds until that last day in work in March when I can leave it all to someone else and begin a new chapter in my life. This is the last time I’ll be doing this (yeah, yeah I know I said that after number 2, but this one was mostly definitely an error!) so I am going to make this year count 😊

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