I’m seriously feeling the effects of being pregnant at (nearly) 40 as a working mum of 2! So much to do to get the house ready and organised, and the day to day stuff – ironing and washing and cleaning – doesn’t stop just cos there’s a bun in the oven! Every muscle in my body aches and I’m so tired but can’t go to bed when there’s so much to do, and can’t sleep when I do eventually get to bed!

Lots of pressure at work to complete some pretty big projects whilst losing hours to interview for my new team and my replacement. I need to have the energy and concentration I had pre-pregnancy to complete my workload so I can start to slow down, but that energy just isn’t there!

I had been feeling great. Positive, healthy, bright and even excited! Two weeks off over Christmas was just what I needed too, and it was great to be at home with the kids and not have anything to stress over other than what board game we might play or what pic to see at the cinema. But this week back at work has absolutely done me in. 4 full-on days including 2 with a commute to Leeds and I’m spent! But I have a deadline to meet for work that cannot be missed, so I’ve worked 11 hours today trying to get it done (without success). It was 10pm before I realised I hadn’t eaten lunch or dinner. Not good.

I just hope that this is short term pain for long term gain. I am ready for leaving work already 😔

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