I guess I thought today would be the day, with me going in to be induced.  That’s what happened with my son – went into hospital at about 9am, midwife attempted (without success) to break my waters, went into labour naturally later that day and gave birth at 22:11.  So surely it would be a similar pattern this time? Except this time with it being number 3 it would all happen much quicker, right?!


I’m being induced because my local hospital prefers not to allow us older mums (40+) to go overdue.  So I was booked in for the due date (today) and advised to go along to the hospital at 11am.  It was 1:30pm before the propess pessary was inserted.  It’s now nearly 11pm and there is not a sign that this baby is planning on joining us any time soon! I’ve been getting pain in my abdomen and across my back pretty much every 3-5 minutes, but it’s not something I can’t cope with so I’m guessing it can’t be labour?! You’d think with me having had 2 children already I might have an idea, but I just don’t know what the feeling is and whether it’s just a pain related to everything that’s going on down there, or if it is labour starting to progress.  God knows!! What I do know is that today has been one of the longest days of my life and I’m starting to feel that there is still no light at the end of this tunnel.  Praying for a clear sign very soon.

Update: 04:38

Just had the worst news ever. Things were started 15 hours ago and I have been having regular pains across my abdomen (every 2 mins). All was looking good, but I’ve just had an examination. I would have been happy  with 1cm even, but nothing?? Nothing at all. Cervix is still posterior. No dilation. Not even a millimetre.

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