Always someone worse off…

Well, today was a funny kind of day! Waved my mum off after a weekend visit and I headed off down South for a work meeting.  Arrived at my destination, and I had not been sat in the car 5 minutes when I received one of the rudest messages I have ever received via FB messenger, from someone I do not know and am not FB friends with!  After the 4th abusive message that made absolutely no sense to me at all, given that the actual issue is nothing to do with me, I was in tears (hormones, I know!!)  I’m not sure whether it was the injustice of said messages, the inflammatory language used, the threats against my family, or the completely shocking spelling and grammar that appalled me the most.  I think if I’m honest I’d have to say that the latter had the most impact on my wellbeing 😉

I am more than big enough to deal with abuse a) where it is deserved, and b) when the argument is articulated in an intelligent manner.  If you choose to abuse me and fail to follow these two simple rules, I am afraid you have lost.

One positive I took from the experience (which I must say is, in my 39 years, the first time I have ever had to deal with anything like this) is that for a few weeks now I have thought I was going nuts.  After today, I was shown what nuts actually looks like!  Psychotic harasser (I don’t think that is a word, but it’ll do for now) has been reported and blocked, and the Police Incident Number will help should the individual feel the need to bless me with more of their inane drivel.  I hope whoever the lady is (term used as loosely as you can imagine) sleeps well tonight, and seeks some help with those anger issues in the morning.

Sorry to use my blog as a rant today, but I felt the need to get this off my chest and see the funny side of this awful situation.  Another positive?  2 weeks ago this would have ruined my day – today, stronger and happier, this was a momentary glitch that I can now put behind me.  It’ll take more than that to knock this girl off track 🙂

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