Why I’m Here

After weeks of trying to come to terms with an unplanned pregnancy whilst facing my most challenging period of time at work, and looking after a home, a husband and 2 children, I decided that enough was enough.  The overwhelming fear and sadness I was feeling could not be ‘normal’ and I was petrified that I would never feel any different.  I still am petrified.  But I’ve taken steps to tackle it because I really would like to start to enjoy this pregnancy at some point, and look forward to a new addition to my family.

Depression is a debilitating illness, and one that isn’t openly talked about.  I have started this blog to begin to take control of my life.

5 thoughts on “Why I’m Here

  1. Hi after reading your story I thought you’d like to know that I too suffered Kawasaki disease and my story sounds almost identical to yours other than I was 9 years old when I got it and my mum too was in no position to deal with it as its so rare we knew nothing about it. I went to the northern general a&e and was turned away and told to just take calpol it was on the 10th day I caught it and went to my local GP and I too was rushed straight to children’s hospital and later transferred to the Leeds heart specialist and went on aspirin for moths later to thin my blood. I am left with an aneurism on my heart and other than the odd fluctuations I am now a healthy 19 year old living in Sheffield and have heart scans yearly. I agree more needs to be done so that people know what this disease is!

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    • Hi Lauren, thanks for sharing. I’m sorry to hear that they didn’t catch it in time to save your heart, but glad that it doesn’t seem to be hindering your life in any way. I feel for your mum. I know how hard it has been to get information now, with all the tools we have like social media and the Internet. 10 years ago none of that would have been available. There is a petition that you can sign on change.org if you want to help us raise awareness. You can find the link on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/freyasstory xx


  2. Hi Jo, i felt compelled to write after reading all yours and little Freyas story and that of Max too(heartbreaking)…..as a parent myself i cannot begin to realise what all of you,especially you must have been going through, i see writing this blog has really helped and you are truly paving the way in raising awareness. keep up the amazing work, never forget what a great mum,wife,friend & Aunty you are.

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