Weekend Pot Luck

So, I haven’t got around to completing Day 5 with one thing and another, but I can at least share some of my love of poetry.

I usually have my head firmly in an old book, and have so many favourites, but metaphysical poetry has always been top of my list. John Donne can be a bit heavy going, but I have always loved Twicknam Garden and can still recite it despite not having read it for years.

I love the opening lines and how very woeful and dramatic they are in setting the scene for the rest of the poem:

Blasted with sighs, and surrounded with teares

Whenever I’m feeling melancholy those lines pop into my head.

One thought on “Weekend Pot Luck

  1. You’re right … Donne can be daunting, but he’s worth the effort. I’m not a religious person, but his sermons contain some wonderful lines — lines that are beautiful, even without religious connotation.

    Hopefully, the melancholy only stopped in for a brief chat …

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