10 Reasons why pregnancy is a pain

So in the true spirit of my blog I feel today is a day to share some of the reasons why pregnancy can be one big pain!

Before I do this, let me reassure you that there is balance – I have come to terms with the little life wriggling away inside me and am beginning to see a glimmer of excitement on the horizon.

So after your friends (and often strangers too) have tried to avert your attention from the reality of this wonderful physical state you are in by affectionately patting your bump and asking you what names you’re thinking of, take a look at this list and stop feeling guilty about being a grump sometimes!

1. Breasts
I have breasts the size of melons that no manner of contraptions can manage to hold up where they need to be! It feels like I am carrying 2 small children around with me as well as the one inside me!

2. Back ache
Perhaps due to the melons coupled with the force of gravity? Whatever it is its agony across my shoulders and I missed ‘must be capable in massage’ off the checklist when I picked my husband!

3. Thrush
Irritating beyond belief and recurring every other day! Dr called today to say that microbiology dept have confirmed that there is no long term treatment suitable in pregnancy. So it’s daily treatment until DD arrives! Perhaps I should name her after a bird, lol!

4. BV and Group B Strep
Ok so I can’t tell you if either of these have any symptoms because the damned irritating thrush seems to be able to outshine them both somewhat. But it’s just plain annoying that I even have them and that’s all I want to say about that!

5. Muscle pain
Spent the weekend walking around London and feel like I ran the flaming marathon! Even the muscles in my toes are aching (haha, not really, oh hang on yes I just had a wriggle and they flipping ache too!)

6. The low down
DD is so low down there that I can’t even sit up straight without a) stabbing pain or b) a little madam giving me the boot! Over-the-bump maternity jeans are ok except for the seam that is meant to sit under the bump. That is, if your bump isn’t practically in your faff! 😳

7. Braxton Hicks
Don’t remember much about these in either of my previous pregnancies, but I sure am getting them in this one. It’s not the tightening that’s the problem – it doesn’t hurt, but it takes my breath away for a few seconds and is the strangest feeling. They also cause me worry as they feel like the start of something that is too early to be starting.

8. Spaced Out
Every morning about 11am I come over all woozy like I’ve taken cocodamol on an empty stomach. Found out today that my iron levels are low so I need to take iron tablets. Looking forward to the side effects, which brings me onto my next point…

9. Constipation
God knows why! I’m sure there’s some scientific reason that I haven’t bothered to read about but seriously?! Isn’t everything painful enough without making a basic toilet activity hard (no pun intended)! Which brings me onto my next point…

10. Piles
Enough said. Look it up!!

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